A focus for ARV Excellence Ltd. is the provision of Six Sigma training for manufacturing and service.


ARV Excellence is particularly interested in working with companies and individuals that are willing to measure the financial impacts of their projects on the business.   


ARV delivers green and black belt certification training as well as individual Six Sigma elements in discreet, self-contained modules.  



Research has shown that in successful deployments where one percent of a companies workforce has trained as black belts they have been able to drive 4 projects per year with an average saving of $250,000 resulting in and average $1,000,000 per trained full time black belt per year. *


ARV Excellence developed a unique six sigma training called Six Sigma Risk Management. It is ideally suited for companies in, or hoping to enter, the life science (medical device, pharmaceutical) supply chain. It combines six sigma with the evaluation and documentation of systematic risk management. In addition to six sigma benefits it is a complete quality system approach that can reduce customer or regulatory body audit time as well as improving overall effectiveness. 


Certification for the training element of ARV Excellence developed Six Sigma Risk management course is, in conjunction with the Global Risk Management Alliance provided by Virginia Tech. .  


With Six Sigma Risk Management organisations:

  • Eliminate defects.
  • Achieve breakthrough improvement in quality, cost and speed.
  • Manage and control risk in the supply chain. 
  • Reduce audit time. 
  • Improve customer/supplier confidence.  

The Belts

Black Belts drive strategic projects. Black Belts receive extensive training on all aspects of  Six Sigma developing the knowledge and skills deliver real breakthroughs in process performance. By becoming a Black Belt high performers or those who show high potential, gain the skills, knowledge and know-how to achieve six sigma.  To identify projects, take ownership for them and get results. The benefits for the organisation are a combination of direct financial return, reliable, qualified processes and people who have what they need to succeed. 

Champions are senior-level individuals who sponsor Six Sigma projects, contribute to the selection of belt candidates, ensure that resources are available and, when necessary, that cross-functional issues are resolved. They have the most critical role in Six Sigma launch. The ARV Excellence Champion programme provides management with the knowledge to successfully implement Six Sigma. 

The Green Belt programme enables people to undertake and complete process improvement projects, typically that compliment their exiting role. They have a good understanding of the methodology used to Define, Measure, Analyse and Control processes. They collect data appropriately, interpret it and make decisions to improve the process. Green belt certification requires completion of a project. 

The Yellow Belt is a short course which offers participants an overview of the methodology employed in Six Sigma and a problem solving method. Yellow Belts often function as accountable and knowledgeable team member of Green and Black Belt projects, the collect data appropriately and they use a structured problem solving approach to resolve issues affecting their day-to-day processes. 
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